Strong Interest Inventory™

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  • Strong Interest Inventory™

    For over 85 years, the Strong Interest Inventory® instrument has provided time-tested, research validated insights to help individuals in their search for a rich, fulfilling career. As one of the most respected and widely used career exploration assessments in the world, it has been used extensively in educational institutions and organisations of all sizes.


    Please take a moment to view this video to learn about the Strong Interest Inventory™ instrument.

    Overview of the Strong Interest Inventory™

    For providing a theoretical structure to the Strong, in 1974 John Holland’s psychology-based codes were incorporated into the instrument. Holland’s theory is based on four main assumptions:


    In our culture, most people can be categorised into six Themes and each person may be characterised by one Theme or some combination.

    Job environments can be divided into these same six Themes and each environment is dominated by a particular type of person. Thus, the personality types of co-workers, as much as job requirements, establish the working tenor of a given occupation.


    People search for environments that let them exercise their skills and abilities, express their attitudes and values, take on problems and roles they find stimulating and satisfying and avoid chores or responsibilities they find distasteful or formidable.
    Behaviour is determined by an interaction between a person’s personality and the characteristics of his or her working environment. Factors such as job performance, satisfaction and stability are influenced by this interaction.


    As shown below, Holland's theory organises the six Themes by placing them at the six points of a hexagon with those presumed to be the most closely related located adjacent to each other and those most dissimilar located across the hexagon from each other. The order in which they fall around the hexagon is frequently called the R-I-A-S-E-C order. The Strong is the only empirically derived RIASEC instrument.


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  • Strong Interest Inventory™ 認證課程

    成功完成了 Strong Interest Inventory™ 認證課程,您即可註册成爲了一名認證施測師,也可以通過 MDS 購買並使用 Strong Interest Inventory™ 工具。


    您可透過線上認證課程(僅使用英語)完成 Strong Interest Inventory™ 認證,請與 MDS 聯繫以了解開課時間和上課細節。

  • SII™案例分析

  • Strong Interest Inventory™ 樣本報告

    Strong Interest Inventory™ 提供線上測評, 可供選擇報告如下 :


    除此之外,TMBC設計了iStartStrong™報告給個人自行解讀之用 (供非Strong Interest Inventory™施測師)。查看樣本報告,請點擊以下連結