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  • LEA™Strategic Directions Composite Report

    (available in English & Simplified Chinese)

    LEA™Strategic Directions Composite Report is a fast and very effective way of deciding on a desired leadership profile for the future. It is highly valuable when a company is faced with new business challenges (or a present leadership culture which is known to be ineffective). It is produced by a consultation process called Strategic Directions™.

  • LEA™ Role Expectations Composite Report

    (available in English & Simplified Chinese)

    LEA™ Role Expectations Composite Report is produced by a consultation process called Role Expectations™. The report shows the desired profile for an existing leadership position and describes the present requirement for the role.

  • LEA 360™ Composite Report

    (available in English only)

    The enhanced LEA 360™ Composite Report includes composite data in an updated, easy-to-follow format. It also offers insights and narrative context, serving as a launching pad for working with groups to increase self-awareness, harness strengths, and identify developmental opportunities.