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  • LEA Self Development Report

    (available in English & Simplified Chinese)

    The new Modern option is a full color 31 page report showing your leadership profile describing your potential assets and liabilities and a suggested development plan. It comes with an 80 page fresh new LEA™ Resource Guide.

  • LEA360™ Development Report

    (available in English & Simplified Chinese)

    LEA 360™ Development Report the new Modern option is a full color 41 page report showing how others perceive your leadership effectiveness in the workplace. It describes how others see your potential assets and liabilities and gives suggested development plans from each observer group.  It comes with an 80 page fresh new LEA™ Resource Guide. 

  • LEA360™ Coaching Report

    (available in English only)

    LEA360™ Coaching Report is a 15 page report specially designed for an executive coach. It describes the candidate’s assets and challenges and presents coaching suggestions.