Our Trainer Team

All MDS Associates need to have:
 a Master’s degree (or equivalent)
 experience in a leadership role in any profession
 a solid track record as a trainer

Further Associate Trainers have to undergo extensive training to become qualified to deliver MDS programmes.

Our Trainer Team

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BSc (Chinese Studies) MSc (HR Managements) PgD (HRM)

Robin founded MDS Ltd. in 1995, followed by OI Partners Hong Kong (part of the world's largest career consulting partnership) in 1998. He is a specialist trainer for senior management groups focusing particularly on leadership and teambuilding for top teams using the MBTI®, Leadership 360™ and EQ-i® instruments. He is also a skilled facilitator of experiential learning exercises.
Robin has over 25 years' experience of both managing operations and developing people. Following a first career in the Royal Navy, he specialised in Human Resource Development and worked in a range of industries from oil services to travel.
Robin runs the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) centre of excellence in Hong Kong, Beijing and Taiwan.

MBTI® Step I & II
LEA 360™
Change Pro Simulation®


Hong Kong