MDS designs talent development programmes which exactly suit your need. For example the duration, methodology and content are very different for junior managers on a high potential programme compared with senior managers on a succession plan. However all talent development programmes usually run for 9 – 12 months and include the following elements:

Assessment instruments with solid applications for developing leaders

Skills and competency assessments at pre-programme, mid-point and post-programme

Supervision of action learning projects

Relevant leadership development modules throughout the programme

Group or individual coaching support

Please contact MDS for a suggested 12 month plan for a high potential talent development programme. This is a useful discussion document as you consider options for your programme.

Psychological and Behavioural Assessment 

MDS has selected the best assessment instruments available for talent development. These are valid and reliable instruments which produce data to deepen self awareness, highlight blind spots and provide a template for personal and leadership development. The instruments are:

MBTI® for personality profiling (with 6 applications for leadership development). Click Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

LEA 360™ for self or 360 profiles of leadership effectiveness. Click LEA 360™

FIRO® instruments to profile interpersonal relationships needs. Click FIRO®

SPA™ for self or 180 profiles of sales behaviours. Click SPA™

Skills Assessment

Skills assessments are used before and after a talent development programme to measure improvement and ROI. The MDS 360® is the perfect skills assessment tool. (Click MDS 360®). It is owned by MDS so totally flexible. Questions for the MDS 360 are tailored exactly for your need. 

Practical skills assessments are also made at different stages of the programme. Assessments are usually made during learning circles. Click Blended Learning. These include observations of role play exercises for giving feedback, coaching, persuading, etc. However assessment of presentation skills (click Presentation Skills) is normally done in a group setting during presentation of case study reviews and action learning projects. Click action learning.

Action Learning Projects
These are an essential part of a talent development programme. MDS will:

Work with the action learning group to select its project

Lead the initial teambuilding event

Coach the group through its research phase

Teach presentation skills and rehearse the group before final presentations

As the client company you will need to:

Allocate a senior manager as sponsor/ mentor to act as technical advisor

Arrange attendance of the CEO and executive team at the final presentation 

Leadership Development Modules

MDS owns a large range of leadership development material which is used to accelerate skills improvement during the programme. As the client you select modules which are most relevant for your company and the level of participant on the programme. Click Core Leadership Programmes and Specialist Skills Programmes.

Group or Individual Coaching Support
This is at the heart of all talent development programmes. For more junior high potential programmes group coaching is very effective. These groups are similar to learning circles (click Blended Learning) but over time members develop the skills for coaching each other. The content for group coaching sessions is assessment / development of the skills taught in the leadership development modules, or ongoing discussions for the group’s action learning project.

For more senior groups we recommend individual coaching instead of group coaching. Click Executive Coaching.