One of the most persuasive reasons for choosing the MBTI® instrument for your company is its very high utility. That means you can immediately apply your MBTI® knowledge in many important areas of life at work. MDS has developed 10 MBTI® Application Programmes in the following areas:

1.   Career Development
2. Change
3. Coaching
4. Conflict Resolution
5. Innovation
6. Leadership
7. Persuading and Influencing
8. Selling
9. Team Building
10. Team Working

The MBTI® instrument is renowned as the world’s best tool for raising levels of self-awareness and awareness of others. So all the MBTI® Application Programmes build on the foundational applications of:

Deploying your strengths to best advantage in life and work

Developing skills, or finding others who can help, in the areas where you are not gifted

Improving the way you interact with people at work and at home

These foundational applications will help you make positive changes based on your new understanding of self and others. 

Then the MBTI® Application Programmes build additional specific applications in key workplace activities which greatly increase productivity and effectiveness in your company.