MDS has one of the largest and most experienced coaching teams in Greater China and the AP Region. With more than 30 coaches on the ground in 12 cities we offer a full range of services from C Suite executive coaching assignments to partner assistance programmes. We can deliver in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, German and French.


Our Associate Coaches are carefully selected for their:

Coaching qualifications (including International Coach Federation credential or equivalent)

Academic qualifications (usually Masters degree or above)

Personal career achievements, including leadership and management experience

Impressive track record as coaches, with Fortune 500 client references 

The purpose of executive coaching is to enable clients to set goals which will produce changed behaviours in the workplace. To find out more about our coaches please click on Our Coach Team.

Our team of executive coaches is managed by the Heads of Executive Coaching in our Beijing and Hong Kong offices. They have extensive, practical experience in managing major coaching assignments. They therefore add great value by ensuring that you get:

Support to design the best coaching solution for your leaders and your organisation, whether large or small

Design of customised materials for coaching programmes, including MDS Coach and Coachee folders and Coaching Tools

Use of the MDS Coaching Methodology to provide consistency of high quality delivery, especially for larger coaching programmes where several MDS Executive Coaches are involved

Choice of several qualified MDS Executive Coaches in each city where coaches are based, so that participants have an opportunity to meet with and then select their coach

Practical help to measure the impact of the coaching solution you are implementing, with clear high level reports for key leaders (including the HR Director) 

MDS is proud to be the regional partner for OI Global Partners, the world’s largest career consulting partnership. Via this global link we are able to maintain our executive coaching services at the highest international standards. To find out more about OI Global Partners click International Partnerships

Our five main areas of expertise in executive coaching are:

        1.   Executive Coaching
        2. Inter-cultural Coaching
        3. Assessment Review
        4. Outplacement Coaching
        5. Partner Career and Transition Assistance