Partner Career and Transition Assistance

We offer career and orientation assistance for the partners of expatriates relocating to cites in Greater China and the Asia Pacific region. Currently we can offer this service in more than a dozen cities around the region.

We follow the international "STAR" programme, designed by our affiliate partner Ricklin-Echikson Associates Inc (REA) , a leading innovator in the spouse/partner career assistance industry with representation in 45 countries.

This stimulating and creative programme is designed to help you feel at home in your new city as quickly as possible. You decide the focus of the programme, which can include career coaching and assistance or simply help with orientation.

Your coach will offer you support, resources, and tools to assist you in acclimatising to your new location, understanding and moving through the various stages of transition, and connecting with others in your community. Specifically, your coach works with you to:

Acquire an understanding of your interests and concerns, helping you formulate short and long term goals

Discuss successful strategies for managing the many changes that you experience during relocation

Provide you with practical information about your new location

Refer you to organisations, clubs or people that will help you to feel more comfortable in your new environment

Explore opportunities to enhance your existing skills, develop new ones and/or add some meaningful experience to your CV

Explain the culture of the area, especially as it relates to social activities and the workplace, if interested in exploring work or volunteer options

Determine what your employment options are if you want to volunteer or work, and assist you in all phases of your pursuit of this

Create an action plan that will help you accomplish your personal and professional goals

Please note that while we provide clients with resources and information to help clarify work status and options, we do not process visas or sponsor employment.

Delivery of the programme is open ended although it typically spans three months and includes around 8 hours of face to face coaching and 8 hours tele-coaching. Sessions are usually scheduled in 1.5 hour slots.