Inter-cultural Coaching

Whether your leaders have just arrived in China, are preparing for an assignment in another country / region, or are taking on a new regional or global role, we have a coaching solution to meet your need. 

Taking on a New Regional Role

 For many years MDS coaches have been providing cultural orientations for executives arriving in the different countries of the region. These programmes are coached on a one-to-one basis and show you how to lead your team and do business effectively in your new culture. Key subjects include: history and geography, philosophy and religion, economic and political systems, family and education norms, social behaviour, leadership styles and business etiquette. 

The programme puts a special focus on managing cross-cultural teams and managing remotely across the region. This is particularly relevant if you are taking up duties in one of the regional centres: Hong Kong, Singapore or Shanghai.  A successful cultural orientation can often save you six months of confusion and lost opportunities in your new role and the new location. 

Also please click Partner Career and Transition Assistance programmes if you feel your spouse or partner might need help.

Global Ready Leaders

Regardless of country of origin, plenty of smart and talented executives sometimes fail spectacularly when put into regional and global roles. MDS Global Ready Leader / Global Mindset programmes are designed for leaders who are taking on more international interaction and responsibility or moving into global roles much earlier in their careers. 

These programmes are coached on a one-to-one or group basis and focus on the key capabilities required for successful leadership across many countries and cultures. You will determine your current level of global leadership capability and practice the most effective ways to quickly develop your global mindset.