TKI™ (Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument™)

For the last 30 years the TKI has been the world leader in conflict resolution assessment. It is used as a catalyst to open discussions and create learning programmes about how your conflict-handling style affects personal and group dynamics. The TKI is therefore an excellent instrument to use in programmes for:

conflict resolution



assertive communication

persuading and influencing

dealing with difficult people

To learn more about the TKI select from the following chapters below:

Overview of the TKI

TKI™ Sample Reports

Taking Your TKI Assessment

TKI Application Programmes

Becoming a TKI Practitioner 
You do not have to complete a formal certification programme to use the TKI. However, if you wish to become a TKI practitioner you will need to buy the "Conflict Workshop Facilitator's Guide" and the booklet "Introduction to Conflict Management." 

For details please visit the Product Directory.

You may also wish to join an MDS half day workshop “Getting Results with the TKI” which teaches you best practice methods for running a TKI workshop. You will also practise using the exercises described in the “Conflict Workshop Facilitator’s Guide.”