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LEA 360™ Leadership Assessment

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  • LEA 360™ Leadership Assessment

    The LEA 360™ is one of the world's most highly regarded leadership profiles. It is a complex psychometric instrument  based on an assessment of your leadership behaviours. The reasons for choosing the LEA 360™ are: 

    • a unique scoring system which guarantees objective data 
    • an excellent leadership model 
    • 30 years of research data with global norm groups 


    Please take a moment to view this video to learn about the LEA 360™ instrument.

    The LEA 360™ has been researched and developed over the last 30 years by Management Research Group® (MRG®). MDS is proud to be part of MRG's worldwide network of expert consulting companies. We are the sole distributor in Greater China and have become the global centre of excellence in using the LEA 360™ with Chinese leaders. 
    The LEA 360™ is based on 22 leadership practices arranged in 6 categories:
    • Creating a vision
    • Developing followers
    • Implementing the vision
    • Following through
    • Achieving results 
    • Team playing
    It is based on the following 4 assumptions:
    • Effective leadership can and should be present at all levels in the organisation
    • There is no "one right way" to lead
    • Effective leadership is based on behaviour
    • Effective leadership behaviour is situational
    Defining Leadership

    Defining Leadership

  • Buying Instruments & Books

    To view a complete MRG Product Price List and further details, please contact


    Hong Kong enquiries:
    Daniel Lee or Angela Leung on (852) 2817 6807
    (daniel@mdshongkong.com or angelalkc@mdshongkong.com)


    China enquiries:
    Jackie Zhang on (86 10) 8441 7710

    Taiwan enquiries:
    Vivian Chan or Carlson Leung on (886 2) 7730 3378 ext 8092
    (vivian@mdshongkong.com or carlson@mdshongkong.com)

  • LEA360™ Certification Programme

    MDS is the distributor for MRG and delivers the 2 day LEA360™ Certification Programme in Greater China. Programmes are offered in English or in Mandarin and delivered in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. 


    On successful completion of the LEA360™ Certification Programme you will be registered as a certified practitioner of the LEA 360™ (plus the associated instruments for “strategic directions”, “role expectations” and “leadership culture”.) You will then be able to buy and administer the instruments via MDS.

    It is also possible to complete the LEA360™ Certification Programme by webinar (in English only). Please contact us for details of times and arrangements.


    Please visit www.mrg.com for further information about MRG's full range of products and global services.


    Click here for programme details


  • LEA™ Sample Reports

    For leadership development and talent management The LEA™ questionnaire produces a choice of reports shown below.


    For leadership development:


    For talent management :


    For organisational development, teambuilding and assessment of leadership culture: 

  • Taking Your LEA 360™ Assessment

    You go online to complete your “self questionnaire” and also nominate a boss, 2 peer group members and 3 direct reports to complete an “observer questionnaire”. The report gives an accurate assessment of your leadership effectiveness in the workplace. It also clearly shows how your self-perception differs from the perception of others. 


    Your low scores or the differences in perception are the areas which you usually target for your personal development plan. However you may also wish to consider any very high scores, as these may contain a "high score potential liability." In the same way a low score is not always bad news as it may carry a "low score potential asset." 


    All questionnaires, including your own, are kept strictly confidential by MDS. Scores from your observers (except the boss) will be kept anonymous as peer group and direct report scores will be averaged out.


    You may wish to start you leadership development experience by taking an LEA™ Self Report only. This gives a powerful assessment of your leadership profile. You can later add observers and generate an LEA 360™ Report.

  • LEA 360™ Application Programmes

    Clients usually engage MDS to deliver one of the following application programmes using the LEA 360™ (or LEA™ Self Report). Please click the links below which will take you to other locations on the MDS website.


    • Strategic Leadership

    A core leadership programme for senior managers based on the LEA 360™


    A minimum 3 month coaching period


    2 review sessions with a coach or trainer delivered over 1 week.


    1. Best Practice Leadership (Half day)

    This programmes uses:
    The LEA™ Self Report
    LEA™ Resource Guide
    This half day programme enables you to gain powerful insights from your LEA™ Self Report. 
    Best Practice Leadership takes you through a lively discussion of management versus leadership and enables you to understand the challenges to leadership in the 21st century. You will then learn how your LEA™ profile describes both your assets in leadership and also your challenges. You will be shown some of the best practice profiles for leaders in different industries and realise the importance of “Strategic” as a key leadership practice. You will learn the importance of deciding on changes to your leadership behaviours so you can become more effective in your particular leadership role.
    If you have also generated your LEA 360™ report you will receive a 360 brief at the end of Best Practice Leadership plus your hard copy report. You will then review your LEA 360™ report in private with your coach or trainer in 2 sessions of 1.5 hours each during the following week.

    • Do management well, then rise to the leadership challenge
    • Understand your assets and challenges using the LEA™ model
    • Build a mindset and skills to be a more effective strategic leader
    • Create a personal development plan to be a more effective leader
    2. Growing Great Leaders (2 Days)

    This programme is based on the LEA™ practices which your Executive Team has selected as important for leaders in your company. These 7 practices were chosen by your leaders after a “Strategic Directions” exercise. Growing Great Leaders will enable you to develop skills, habits and behaviours in these 7 leadership practices.
    This 2 day application programme assumes that you have already completed your LEA™ Self or LEA 360™ report and received feedback from an LEA™ coach or trainer. It is best to do this by attending the 1 day programme Best Practice Leadership. Or MDS can easily arrange one-to-one feedback with your LEA™ trainer (for you and other participants) before the start of Growing Great Leaders.
    Growing Great Leaders takes you through lively interactive exercises and discussions so you can fully understand how can build a development plan for the 7 leadership practices selected by your Executive Team. With a recent client programme the practices selected were:

    • Innovative 
    • Strategic
    • Excitement
    • Delegation
    • Feedback
    • Management focus
    • Empathy 

    The 8 sessions of Growing Great Leaders (2 day) programme then addresses each of these practices. You use role plays and exercises to build skills in all these areas. 
    The aim is to apply these new skills in the workplace over the next 12 months and raise your LEA™ scores in these leadership practices. 

  • Momentum - A powerful tool to guide leaders on their journey to growth.

    Leadership development is not a one-time event. Lasting change requires a lasting commitment. As leaders juggle an ever-increasing workload, however, distraction and disengagement can easily derail progress.


    Research shows that there are effective tactics to help people turn good intentions into real results: setting clear, actionable goals;  getting frequent feedback on their progress; and holding themselves accountable to their plan. MRG is proud to introduce a solution that supports these proven strategies for developmental progress.


    Momentum is an easy-to-use, cloud-based system that helps leaders make the critical connection between assessment and action – and see real, measurable progress toward their developmental goals.

    Momentum is available now in 6-month and 12-month subscriptions.