Individual Directions Inventory™

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  • Individual Directions Inventory™ (IDI™)

    The IDI assessment measures 17 motivational dimensions reflecting the areas of emotional satisfaction and energy for an individual.


    Please take a moment to view this video to learn about the IDI™ instrument.

    Overview of the IDI™
    The IDI assessment measures 17 motivational dimensions reflecting the areas of emotional satisfaction and energy for an individual
    Success is most readily achieved when people are engaged and energized in their worlds.  The Individual Directions Inventory™ (IDI) assessment measures 17 key dimensions reflecting the degree to which an individual gains emotional satisfaction and energy from work and life.
    The IDI™ reveals what is happening below the surface, highlights the connection between motivation and behaviors and offers a richer understanding of what drives an individual.

    Used as a stand-alone assessment or with other 360 Development tools, the IDI:

    • Helps people understand “what energises them”, and understand how their motivations relate to their work and performance.
    • Assists team leaders to truly understand individual motivations in their team and leverage on these insights to achieve business goals.
    • Builds stronger teams by establishing deeper connections and greater engagement.
    • Offers a thoughtful coaching model that builds on the unique potential of each individual.
    The IDI is a fantastic enabler during
    • Candidate selection
    • New opportunity exploration
    • Job fatigue 
    • Organisational change
    • Executive transition
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  • IDI™ Certification Programme

    MDS is the distributor for MRG and delivers the 1 day IDI™ Certification Programme in Greater China. Programmes are offered in English delivered in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai.  


    On successful completion of the IDI™ Certification Programme you will be registered as a certified practitioner of the IDI™. You will then be able to buy and administer the instruments via MDS.

    Please visit for further information about MRG's full range of products and global services.


  • Sample Reports

    The IDI™ questionnaire produces a choice of a report :