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  • MBTI® Form M Team Report (per person) – requires verified type result(s) *

    (available in English only)

    Help a manager or group leader develop a thriving and cooperative team with this powerful tool

    The MBTI® Form M Team Report provides a description of the group's type, its strengths, weaknesses and problem-solving and conflict management styles and offers a personalised action plan to improve team productivity.

    It also supplies information on the similarities and differences among the group members to help build an effective, productive and satisfied team.


    The group facilitator also receives a Team Facilitator Report to assist in the team-building session planning.


    Be sure all team members have taken some form of the MBTI® instrument and obtained their verified MBTI® type before ordering this report. Teams can range in size from 3 - 125 members.

    • 261248 (in PDF format)
      NT$1405 ¥285 HK$360
    • 261248c (Printed Report)
      NT$1725 ¥365 HK$440
  • MBTI® Form M Comparison Report: Work Styles – requires verified type result(s) *

    (available in English only)

    Help two people in an organisation learn to work together effectively

    Conflicts between employees in an organisation jeopardise morale, efficiency and employee retention. The MBTI® Form M Comparison Report: Work Styles is a 13 page narrative report designed for two people and it offers a good starting point from which to address conflicts. The report can help clients understand and appreciate type differences, thus leading to a more positive work environment.


    The MBTI® Form Comparison Report: Work Styles includes an overview of the meaning of the four MBTI® type dichotomies and a description of each person's type preferences with a focus on characteristics of that type in the workplace.


    Sections include communication style, information gathering, decision making, and project management. Each of these sections explains preferred styles, potential areas of conflict and suggested action steps to resolve problem areas. The report provides steps for the two individuals to take to develop a more productive, satisfying and healthy working relationship.

    • 261182 (in PDF format)
      NT$1405 ¥285 HK$360
    • 261182c (Printed Report)
      NT$1645 ¥365 HK$420